OBPL Teen Book Lists »
Book lists for teens from the librarians at the Old Bridge Public Library. 

Teen Ink »
A monthly print magazine, website, and a book series all written by teens for teens.

Young Adult Review Network (YARN!) »
YARN is an online magazine that posts writing both by and for teens. You can submit your work, or just enjoy reading what others have submitted! There are also sections for teen book reviews and author interviews.

Pottermore »
From J.K. Rowling herself, it’s a site that you can enjoy alongside the Harry Potter books.

The Hunger Games Site »
Has information about the book series and the author, as well as videos and games!

Go Ask Alice! »
A health Q&A Internet service. It gives readers reliable, accessible information and a range of thoughtful perspectives so they can make responsible decisions concerning their health and well-being.

Why Wonder? The premier teen destination for real, honest sexual health information, written by teens, for teens.

History.com »
From the History Channel, the site has lots of articles and videos about people, events, places and more. (Note – teachers might not accept this website for school assignments.)

Ben’s Guide »
A site from the U.S. government that makes information about the government easily approachable.

College Board »
Takes you through the steps along the path to a college education. It has information for prepping for college, choosing a college, getting financial aid and more!

College Prep Checklists »
A “to do” list, aimed at elementary, middle and high school students, as well as adults, that explains how to prepare for college academically and financially.

Student Aid on the Web »
Full of information about choosing a school, applying to colleges, how to handle loans, and more. Provided by the U.S. government. Has a long list of documents you can download as well as links to useful sites.

Student Aid’s Facebook page »

College.gov on Youtube »
More than 60 videos with advice from current college students, inspiration from peers and more.

FAFSA Online »
Official site of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.