To use the Idea Farm you’ll need to complete a general Safety Certification class, with specific equipment requiring special safety instruction. Most essential to making the Idea Farm a vital and exciting place to work will be community mentors – people with an interest in sharing what they know with others using the Idea Farm workshop. If you’re interested in being a community mentor, please let us know.

Work in the Idea Farm

The Idea Farm is a workspace for the public to use. To gain workshop usage access, we ask for two things:

Once certified to use the space, you can come and work on your own projects as long as Staff or Community Mentors are present to keep the workshop open.

Safety classes will cover general safety issues and specific machines. A test will be given at the end of the class. Safety classes will be offered multiple times a month, and can be signed up for at our information desks or over the phone.

Since we hope to add new equipment each year, yearly recertification will be required to maintain access to the Idea Farm workshop.

Check our calendar for upcoming events »

Materials Costs

To sustain the Idea Farm we charge for consumable materials to cover our costs. 3D Prints:

  1. 3D Printing: $0.25 per 0.1 ounce.
  2. Vinyl the charge is $0.50 per 3” length of a 12” wide vinyl roll.
  3. Transfer paper is $2.00 per full sheet.
  4. Backpacks/Mousepads for heat press/vinyl cutting work: $4.00
    (includes transfer sheet, vinyl additional cost as noted above per amount used)
  5. Buttons: $0.25 per button.

Useful Links for Makers

Need inspiration or some project help? Try out the following websites, which cover a lot of the technologies listed above, and more besides, such as “garduino” – garden focused Arduino projects:

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