So many books, so little time. For all those busy people, the Old Bridge Public Library has a new service: an Online Book Club that delivers books electronically. Each day, Monday through Friday, the Library emails subscribers a portion of a book that takes about 5-minutes to read. They’re able to read two or three chapters from a book during the week. If they like a book, they can check it out of the library. Each week the library features new books.

With 11 book clubs to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Patrons can read Fiction, NonFiction, Romance, Business, Good News, Teen, Mystery, They can also listen to Audio Books in their email and there’s even a PrePublication Club. You can start reading books in your email before they’re even published. Now you can discover great books, even if you’re too busy to visit the library.

Go to the Old Bridge Public Library’s home page and sign up for an online book club. Each day you’ll receive a a few pages from a book and determine whether or not you’d like to borrow it from the Library. Do you have questions? Contact Sara Hansen, head of electronic resources at the Library

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