The Old Bridge Public Library is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of the Mayor, the Superintendent of Schools, two alternates and seven members appointed by the Mayor. Meetings are held every month and the public is welcome to attend.


Frank R. Weber

Superintendent of Schools

David Cittadino

Vice President

Dr. Joan M. George 


 Kevin Borsilli | Annette Maxwell


Barbara Cannon

Mayor’s Alternate

Zainab Syed


Maria Nowak

Superintendent of Schools’ Alternate

Rocco Celentano


Owen Henry

Board Attorney

Christopher Parton

Library Director

Michael Bobish



Board of Trustees 2020 Meeting Schedule

All meetings held at 7:00 pm. 




January 8

July 8

February 12

August 12 

March 11

September 9

April 7 

October 14

May 13

November 11

June 10

December 9